The DJM 5000 is my main mixer. The VMS4 is the backup units.


The Bose L1 1S stage system deliverys the ultimate
in sound quality. Most people that have heard a Bose
system in action knows the quality they deliver. The
above system can deliver power for crowds up to 300
people. Only one unit is needed. This delivers the same
power that took 2 upright speakers in the past to
accomplish. This is triple the cost of your basic upright
speakers, but well worth it. The volume level on this
system goes from 1 - 10. I've yet to set it past 6. Don't
let the small size fool you. It will deliver!! It stands nearly
7 feet high. The Sub-woofer is 2 feet high.


If you need a lot of power and bass, we have the
Peavey Tri-Flex system:

Powerful PA in a Single Package

If you need a massive power boost for vocals, guitars, or DJ sets, the Peavey Triflex II portable sound system is sure to please. The Triflex II is a 1,000-watt, active two-channel speaker system that consists of a shared subwoofer cabinet and a pair of satellite speakers, all pre-engineered by Peavey to deliver balanced sound and incredible punch right out of the box.

Powerful Highs and Lows

At 1,000 watts, this powered speaker system has plenty of ear-bleeding oomph. The single, shared subwoofer cabinet houses the inputs and satellite power amps, keeping all connections in one place. Moreover, the subwoofer dominates the low range with its 15-inch woofer, which boasts 500 watts of peak available power.

The Triflex II's stellar music playback is further supplied by the dual two-way satellite speakers that each handle 250 watts of peak available power, driven by the power amps built into the subwoofer. These 10-inch mains offer an RX14 1.4-inch compression driver tweeter, as well as speaker pole stand mounting cups (note that speaker stands are sold separately). Connect the subwoofer cabinet to these two top boxes with 15-foot speaker cables (included), and you're good to go.


This is nearly as good as the Bose system, but doesn't
have the power to handle huge crowds. Good for 75-100
people in one room.


The VocoPro 4 Mic wireless system. This is used
for Karaoke events.

The Shure wireless delivers the ultimate in sound quality.

The 50" monitors are the main units I use for video display.

When a large venue requires larger screens, below is what
is used. It's a 4' X 6' Rear Projection Screen.



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